Special Educational Needs (SEN)

We have put together a SEND offer document in response to a number of questions that are often raised about how children with learning difficulties are supported during theireducation at Lena Gardens Primary School. The offer document is available to view by following the SEND offer link here.

The document is in draft form only. We welcome parent input and feedback. We will hold a Coffee Morning later in the term to discuss our offer.

Topics addressed in the offer.

  1. Who are the best people to talk to at school about my child’s difficulties with learning, special educational needs or disability?
  2. How will the school let me know if they have any concerns about my child’s learning, special educational needs or disability?
  3. How will the school consider my views and those of my child with regard to her/his difficulties with learning, special educational needs or disabilities?
  4. How does school ensure the teaching staff are appropriately trained to support my child’s special educational needs and/or disability?
  5. How will the curriculum and the school environment be matched to my child’s needs?
  6. What types of support may be suitable and available for my child?
  7. How will you support my child to reach his/her learning outcomes?
  8. What is an EHC Plan and who can request one for one for my child?
  9. How will you help me to support my child’s learning?
  10. How is support allocated to children and how do they move between the different levels of support in school?
  11. How will the school know that the support has made a difference to my child’s learning and how can I and my child be included in this review process?
  12. What support will there be for my child’s happiness and well being at  school?
  13. How is my child included in all the same activities as his/her peers at school?
  14. How will school support my child in transition stages?
  15. Who can I contact if I have a complaint about the SEN provision made for my child?
  16. If I have any other questions about my child at school, who can I ask?

Additional information.

For further information about SEN please visit the following website http://www.lbhf.gov.uk/Directory/Education_and_Learning/Schools_and_Colleges/Special_educational_needs_SEN/homepage.asp

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