07 Jul 2017

Lena Garden Key Stage Results

We are really proud of the wonderful achievements of all of our pupils this year.

National Average
EYFS 69% 69% 64%
Phonics 83% 81% 95%
KS 1 Read At/above 80%
Read above 50%
Write At/above 70%
Write above 20%
Maths At/above 80%
Maths above 43%
Read At/above 74%
Read above 24%
Write At/above 66%
Write above 13%
Maths At/above 73%
Maths above 18%
Read At/above 80%
Read above 21%
Write At/above 83%
Write above 4%
Maths At/above 83%
Maths above 25%
KS 2 Reading 72%
Writing (TA) 89%
Maths 89%
Spag 100%
RWM combined 61%
Reading 66%
Writing (TA) 74%
Maths 70%
Spag 72%
RWM combined 53%
Reading 94%
Writing (TA) 94%
Maths 94%
Spag 94%
RWM combined 94%

On 11th July we are celebrating all achievements and are looking forward to our whole school seaside day!


Reports are being sent home on Friday 14th July. Any reports not collected will be posted home. Please complete the feedback section and return to school.


The children have thoroughly enjoyed taking home books and the library is now used throughout the week.

Please can you ensure that all books, LIBRARY AND READING BOOKS are returned to school by Wednesday 12th July at the latest.


Mrs Daukes will be leaving Lena Gardens at the end of the year.

She has been part of our school for many years and we wish her all the best in her new adventures.

Mrs Daukes has worked very closely with some families and she will continue to ensure a smooth handover for next year.

The new federation will have a full time SENCO working across all 3 schools and there will be an opportunity to meet her in September.


  • 11th July - Celebration Day
  • 13th July - Y6 Play. 7pm prompt start, Y6 parents invited
  • 14th July - EYFS Celebration of learning 3pm, with parents
    - Reports go out for whole school
    - Y6 Prom 3.30-6pm
  • 17th July - Y3 Kew Gardens
    - Y6 Chessington
    - 3.30-4.30pm staff available
  • 19th July - Y6 & leavers assembly 9am
    - School finishes 1pm

P3 - If parents are in need of P3 Playcentre on the last day of school please can they inform the office or Linda/Paige at P3 by WEDNESDAY 12 JULY - it is important that you let us know as there will need to be a minimum number of children using P3 on that day. . There will be an additional charge.

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