12 May 2017

Stars of the week

Well done to all of our stars for the past few weeks. We are really proud of your hard work and positive attitudes to learning.

Well done to our Year 6 pupils who demonstrated excellent skills and attitudes when sitting their SATS this week.

  • Reception: Yahya, Summer, Avash, Jana
  • Year 1 : Eden, Claudia, Liam, Hamza
  • Year 2 : Eileen, Shayla, Ryan, Mikael
  • Year 3 : Hajar, Muhsin, Fatima, Zaki
  • Year 4 & 5 : Licia, Shylin, Isra, Bilal
  • Year 6 ; Elaha, Klara, Mischa, Leah

Federating Information and Feedback

Please see the attached letter from TEFAT with some answers to questions raised. Further meetings are being held on May 17th 3.45pm and May 19th 9.15am where you will have the opportunity to raise any further questions or concerns.

Election Day

Please note that school is OPEN on Election Day June 8th. Every class will be going out of school on an outing and further details will follow next week. Your child is expected in school on that day. There will be no after school play centre and breakfast club.

Half Term

Please note that school is closed from May 26th - June 2nd INCLUSIVE.


We are sad to be saying a farewell to Mr Woodrow at half term. Mr Woodrow has been teaching at Lena Gardens for many years. He is relocating to Manchester and we wish Mr Woodrow and all of the family good luck on their adventure.

School Lunches

I am really pleased to announce that the situation has now been resolved and MEAT is back on the menu at Lena Gardens. Thank you for your patience as we waited for the  situation to be resolved. Please view the menu for this term, by clicking here.

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